“And finally, do try Alex Beckham’s compelling narration of Mario (Milosevic)’s Kyle’s War, an absorbing and disturbing tale of one young man’s dealings with terrorism and an ugly family secret. Alex’s performance had us captivated from beginning to end, with more than a few electric moments of danger and devastating revelations.”

— Green Snake Publishing



Getting a book made into an audiobook is hard, but it used to be a lot harder. Through the magic of ACX, which is basically an online dating service for authors and audiobook producers, more and more audiobooks are being made every day. I put my books up and was lucky enough to meet Alex, whose audition blew me away.

— Amanda Michelle Moon, Stealing the Ruby Slippers (aka The Thief)



I hired Alex to narrate a short story as the introduction for a presentation I was making. He did a masterful job not only of providing voices for two different characters but aging the characters appropriately through the course of the story. Plus, he completed the job much faster than expected and sent the finished product to me in a user-friendly format. Additionally, he was only too happy to make any necessary changes, although I didn’t require any. I couldn’t be more pleased with how easy Alex is to work with as well as eager to do the job right and make his clients happy.

— Mark Warren, Texas Association of Counties


Alex has been volunteering as a Reader for Learning Ally for almost three years.  In addition to his college course load Alex still finds time to come in weekly to volunteer his services, which we sincerely appreciate!  His talent as a voice actor makes him a perfect choice to record teen/young adult novels, which he does with particular attention to detail, enhancing the listener’s experience with appropriate enthusiasm or emotion.  Alex accepts each new assignment with a professional attitude and is always willing to make any needed corrections in order to provide our members with the best product possible.

— Toni Ericson, Learning Ally


We hired Alex to narrate a Google Earth Tour for one of our educational products. Producing a narrated tour was a new project for us and we had a bit of a learning curve. Alex completely jumped on board and worked diligently to meet our tight deadline. The final product was exactly what we wanted. The way Alex used his voice was absolutely perfect for our age group. It’s refreshing to work with someone who is down-to-earth, easy to work with, and professional. The perfect combo! We highly recommend Alex for any type of narration work. He’s a gem! 🙂

— Cynthia Hannon and Daniel Barnekow, Sunflower Education