Training and Experience


I’ve taken private classes from two of the most remarkable voice acting talents around: Richard Horvitz and Crispin Freeman, as well as a small-group class led by the amazing Debi Derryberry.

Other training or coaching I’ve received includes: Brooklyn, Scottish, and Russian dialects; commercial voice over; audio books; animation; and voice/singing.

Alex mixing



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Austin Symphony Orchestra, Hartman Concerts in the Park (June 2014)

Audio Books

Dramatis Personae: Public Domain by Joseph Lamere (Nov. 2015)

Dramatis Personae: Character Flaws (Vol. 2) by Joseph Lamere (Nov. 2015)

Hitwolf by Fred Adams Jr. (Nov. 2015)

The Purple Scar (Vol. 1) by Jim Beard, Jonathan Fisher, Gene Moyers, and Gary Lovisi (Dec. 2015)

Three Against the Stars by Joe Bonadonna (Dec. 2015)

Tales from the Hanging Monkey (Vol. 1) by Bill Craig, Joshua Reynolds, et al. (Dec. 2015)

The Bay Phantom–Confederacy of Devils by Chuck Miller (Dec. 2015)

The Hounds of Hell by Ron Fortier and Gordon Linzner (Dec. 2015)

Yin Yang by Blake Wild (Sept. 2015)

Kyle’s War by Mario Milosevic (Sept. 2015)

Sparks by James deSantis (Sept. 2015)

Harry Plotter and the Chamber of Serpents by MJ Ware (Aug. 2015)

The Damage: Ruby Slippers by Amanda Moon (June 2015)

The Thief (previously titled Stealing the Ruby Slippers) by Amanda Moon (April 2015)

Getting Life in Perspective by Toby Johnston, Lavender Press (2014)

Learning Ally, Texas School for the Blind (weekly: summer 2012–present). Sole reader for YT fiction books including: Small Steps by Louis Sachar and Stanley Flat Again by Jeff Brown


“A Small Tale,” Mark Warren, Texas Association of Counties (March 2015)

“All about Wind,” Google Earth tour, Sunflower Education (Dec. 2014)

Texas District & County Attorneys Association, “Ethics & Discovery” seminar series presented to more than 3,000 state prosecutors (summer 2014)

“A Dance,” experimental film, Alli MacKay, Dir. (April 2013)

Radio Plays

Manchester’s Nightmare,” Leader of the Ghosts (Nov. 2015)

“Julius Caesar,” Ligarius (June 2014)

“Single Green Mom,” Rhino and Blizzard (April 2014)

“Burying Uncle Gustav,” Mr. Weems (April 2014)

“Past Sins,” Stonewall (July 2013)

Video Games

Midnight at the Celestial Palace,” Fabian and Prince Augustus Pomp (Nov. 2015)

“Montana Clark’s Audio Adventures,” Tua Kelekolio (Sept. 2015)

“Ishara: Bane of the Seas,” Pirate and Guard (April 2015)

“The Last Dogma,” Cultists, Sasha Darko, Dir. (Oct. 2014)

“Defeat the Darkness,” Beaumont the Brave (April 2014)

“End of the Fallacy,” Hero (Aug. 2013)

Web Series

“Curse,” Rod and Monk (Nov. 2015)

“Black Mountain,” Alden (Oct. 2015)

“The Search for Dagon’s Hill,” Gallo (Sept. 2015)

“Theme Park Planet,” Anemos (July 2015)